Don’t just take my word for it, read what some of my submissives think of our times together.

I have been serving Goddess KMBA for a number of years now and can truly say she is the best in the business!! Goddess KMBA caters to all needs whilst firmly reminding you that she is the boss, everything we do is to please her. During one of our skype sessions she decided to show me off to her friends and it was the most humiliating experience ever, I loved every second of it. Goddess KMBA will test your limits but always in a safe, open environment. Each session is planned out thoroughly as to involve all fantasies and fetishes. Goddess KMBA truly is the best at what she does and I couldn’t think of serving anyone else, if you are allowed to serve this Goddess count yourselves lucky!!

Slave Chris

I first met Mistress about five or six years ago, at one of the legendary parties, hosted by the wonderful Mistress Davina, in her chambers. To this day I remember the evening vividly. Mistress and I hadn’t been introduced so, rather uncharacteristically I broke the ice, and received a pleasant and welcoming reply. We spoke many times that night, mostly of the many varied aspects of domination and control, then in that quiet relaxing time when most of the guests had left, leaving just a handful of us in the lounge area, we found ourselves chatting once more before I found myself worshipping the stilettos she was wearing. In all of my years partaking in this particular pastime, I can honestly say that the culmination of this great evening, ranks as one of the most thrilling, intense, and fulfilling encounters I have ever experienced. It was a joy to be at your feet. There is a small part of my heart, that was forever pierced by your heels on that night, I hope it never mends, it still feels lovely.

Slave Tony

Having met Mistress KMBA at an event in Leeds Chamber of Deprivation, I was astounded at firstly her beauty, and then her amazing shiny trousers teasing around her fantastic bum. I longed to touch but knowing my place, did nothing of the sort. We spoke about our interests before drifting to different parts of the party. Our paths crossed again when I saw her mid session with another sub, dishing out a spanking before smothering the lucky slave during some ass worship. Mistress KMBA is a naturally dominant lady, kind yet stern, funny yet fierce. Get in touch with her, you won’t regret it!


Mistress asked me to write a review for Her here… As a non-native English speaker it is, however, difficult to find the words to describe Her perfection. i have had the honor to be under Her spell for already 5 years and She knows i have tried to stay away, but have never been able to escape the desire of pure pleasure… Not only the beauty of Mistress, Her perfect feet with suckable toes, Her long beautiful legs and o so arousing curves above that, making it hard for me not to drool when seeing Her… Her friendly and beautiful face, eyes to drown in, but also to submit to…. Then dressed in the most sexy outfits, both in Her vanilla life as more Dominating appearance… Always with great taste in shoes or even boots with stiletto heels…. lovely (latex) skirts showing Her beauty, Her great taste in lingerie
But Her outer beauty diminishing with Her inner beauty. Always respectful, understanding, but also demanding towards me when needed… Her listening ear and patience and compassion i treasure, Her fantasy-rich, wicked, kinky mind with never-ending ideas fantasies i adore, i crave for….
Mistress is such a kind person, even more loving Mistress that deserves all the servitude, tributes and submission imaginable and i know i will never be able to satisfy Her completely, but hope i am allowed to continue to call Her “my” Mistress independent of possible other slaves in Her stable or if a real Man satisfies Her in ways i know i will never be able to do…

Slave J

I have been lucky enough to be at the feet of Mistress KMBA on more than one occasion and still struggle to put in to words how amazing she is. The lady is a natural dominant, living and breathing. There is no acting or fakery, she knows she is in charge and men are only here for her pleasure. I cannot recommend a session with Mistress KMBA highly enough and you are sure to fall under her spell like I have. It is an honour to be considered one of her regular slaves.

Submissive Pete